Tuesday, April 17, 2012


after pray on Friday usually there is an announcement or a speech from the praying leader, about how to live rightly:) A session that open our mind about how to prepare ourselves for the afterlife. About how to manage relationship between God and Human...
and a value added for me: how to sketch in every situation..

one evening at harbor

Harbor is a perfect place to let the afterwork burden go. The aroma of the sea water, watching seagull hunt for a small fish/shrimp, the sound of diesel engines and the wave of the sea it feels like hearing a Beethoven's symphony.... smooth but hard to figure of how it plays.

boat is one of the most challenging object to sketch. For a fast sketch detail is not an object. Keep sketch of what we see.

once upon a time in my office

an office room can be boring for us or NOT:)) it depends on how you see it.  In my mind there is always beauty in an even the most place. Try to find it in yours, and sketch it fast! beware of the killer-warden-boss:D
have a nice day:)

a few days in Jakarta (late march)

while waiting my next 5 hours flight to Jakarta:)

Once again, my job takes me to Jakarta, an annual short course about government public relation. It's all about how to manage things related to media and institution's (bad) news so it won't misinterpreted.

 all was drawed on canson sketchbook using a 0.1 drawing pen..