Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Step-by-step Face painting

Painting one's face actually not one of artist's favorite objects among all. Subjectivity of client, bad lighting or too small (if taken from a piece of photo), and of course artist's mood. All those three need to be in the right place and compromised to get good results.
Here is a step by step face painting of a young woman in awkward position and smile :).
Using HB pencil first, then darkening a few part of faces, eyes -nose-lips detailing (very crucial) and then finishing from light-to-dark and wet-on-wet method at the background, transparently layer by layer.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My latest face painting on march

Painting people's faces is really tempting challenge for me. You will face of what consumers want and technical difficulties in showing expressions on the face. Both must be discussed to gain the ability of consumers in enjoying art meets your skill to get that informations..

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sketching around the house

Yesterday was my birthday, i try to sketch as much as possible objects around the house. Some of reminds me while we, 5 of us live together as complete family from 1990 to 1994.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Last day at Kimia Farma Plant, Pulogadung

I work here since December 2014 as a part time general practitioner only on monday and Wednesday. Since August 2014 i studied at Indonesia continue my magister education. Monday and Wednesday are the only days with no lecture activity.

Coffee time

Enjoying coffee now ain't simple anymore. Starts from the hardest one for me: "coffee without sugar", good pure roasted coffee itself, the right temperature of boiled water (85 degree Celsius), filters, and of course the right companion and barista, Ijar Karim :p.

Drinking regular sachet coffee has given a terrible effect for my heart. Not very convenient on that situation. This happens since january after my friend Nina brought toraja coffee a few months earlier.

Depok Courthouse

Depok traffic is very hectic. Even though the Margonda street is very wide, but u-turn sometimes too far away that makes motorist sometimes do illegal things like turning back his/her bike against the normal traffic.
Some succeed, some don't and must pay the fine at this courthouse.

The process itself is relative fast. I came at 09.00 and finish at 10.00. At least 100 people were there to follow the process.
No more traffic violation, just obey the rules.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Cycling to bukit hambalang march 6th

Bukit hambalang terletak di daerah sentul dengan rute sekitar 15km dari pasar cibinong. Memiliki kemiringan curam yang cukup untuk latihan pesepeda.

Minggu ini dalam acara peresmian komunitas sepeda Federal Ciracas dan sekitarnya saya turut hadir bersama 200an pesepeda lainnya. Terbilang sukses dan sepertinya diliput trans7 untuk acara "redaksi malam" nanti Jumat 24.30

Rute diawali dari jalan raya hankam menuju leuwinanggung, via bukit golf perjalanan melewati pabrik Semen Cibinong- pasar citeureup ke arah sirkuit sentul. Dari pasar citeureup sekitar 4km belok kiri ke pusat latihan pasukan PBB naik sekitar 5km dari pertigaan masuk.

Acara ini juga diramaikan teman fotografer Tempo Ijar Karim yang memiliki keahlian khusus di bidang perkopian.

refill old ink pen, a new tool


Very reliable pen, easy to refill. And of course easy to use. the technology is old but not obsolete...

More painting of the faces

Menggunakan cat air demikian menyenangkan. Makin menyenangkan ketika klien memberi saya kebebasan menggunakan teknik apapun (yang sebenarnya baru saya pelajari atau temukan seiring belajar) dalam lukisan yang mereka pesan.

Using watercolour has been a very pleasant activity. Even more fun when clients give me freedom to use any kind of technique (that actually I've just learn) in their order.

Lukisan pertama lebih banyak mengunakan teknik wet on dry lapis demi lapis sehingga mendapatkan warna yang tajam serta relatif lebih mudah dikerjakan namun agak memakan waktu.

First painting most of the process using a wet on dry technique Layer-by-layer to get a darkerand sharp color. Easier to do but a bit takes time.

Lukisan kedua agak sulit, pertama, karena pemesannya adalah wartawan foto AFP Perancis yang sangat peka estetika; kedua, arena beliau membebaskan saya (lho?) Karena dengan begitu saya harus menebak seleranya. Menggunakan teknik sapuan wet on wet bahkan lebih lama karena jarang dibiasakan (namun teknik ini menyenangkan, percayalah) tone sephia membuatnya terasa klasik mendekati keindahan hasil foto sang wartawan.

second painting a bit difficult, not because the technique but more to the client which is a photographer that have a very good sense of art and he sets free me in guessing his "flavor" .
Using wet-on-wet is a real fun. More difficult but combined with sephia tone makes it closer with the photos that he produce :)