Thursday, February 21, 2013

sketchtour: Tarakan

 it was cloudy day to travel. heavy rain comes in the middle of the sea one package with the high waves. on my way to Tarakan, east Borneo
i don't remember how many times i use this kind of transportation: Speedboat the-worst-but-affordable kind of water transportation that travel from Nunukan to Tarakan vice versa.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

our 5th anniversary

it is our 5th year of our marriage, no negative things comes up, no "flyng saucers" at home:) Alloh gives us everything we need. especially 2 great children Wahyu and Putra.
my wife treat us with great patience covering all of our needs in daily basic. I really give her a big appreciation for that.

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skechtour: meeting at mayor's office

a meeting sometimes makes some of us feel bored. Especially if we dont understand the materials, L.O.L. But, whether understand or no it depends on our willingness to pay attention.
So, i sketch right after the material had completed presentated, since i represent our director in these meeting.

a meeting about "healthy Nunukan" (mr. Usman [DKPP]; Sugiharto[BKDD]; Jabbar[ketahanan pangan]; Syaifullah[DKPP])

in a meeting about employees discipline (mr.Tommy Harun[sekda]; mr.Karim[ass.III])

esq training program.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

sketchtour: Sebakis

This is my third assignment at PT Duta Tambang Rekayasa, a coal mine on Sebakis site of Nunukan. a very remote area from Nunukan island/Nunukan city. Very quiet place...sometimes heavy vehicle pass by our clinic:) breaking the silence of the jungle.
3 times and less boring place since in the first 3 days of the assignment help me to calm my mind. Arrangging brand new program of public relation (for hospital) and managing fresh ideas. But, after comes mr. boring :))
in front of Clinic, management office and a pajero sport:)

this is my third time following safety induction, a brief explanation to ensure each and every employee and guests that visit the mine

canteen, my favorite place

transport bus...

emergency corner..
sketched in my second time in DTR..

Monday, February 18, 2013

sketchtour: Samarinda

november 2012, there's a sport competition in Samarinda. The team needs me to ensure healthcare of athletes. Samarinda is capital city of east Borneo lies around mahakam river.
My assignment now takes about 6 days, supervise about 5 sport activities (chess, tennis, table tennis, badminton, futsal) not an easy work since they play in different places and sometimes at the same time.

this is the restaurant "tangga Arung" that we use for breakfast and lunch. in the evening the restaurant is closed. the food is delicious  (12 November 2012)

it was a very pleasant day, our volley ball and tennis team won gold the night we celebrate it in a cafe. (samarinda)
mr. Koestomo, one of our chess player was sleeping on the bus on the way home to Balikpapan, east Borneo (drawing paper+ drawing pen 0.1mm)
all these drawing are processed with drawing pen 0.1 and drawing paper (faber castell), the paper is less rough than canson sketchbook, so it takes little time to adapt to sketch on this brand new paper. the ideas of live sketch is different than when we sketch based on photos or 2 D materials.
in live sketch we learn a lot about depth and how to simplify it through lines. and this is very important basic for student at early degree of education.