Monday, February 29, 2016

Cycling to Purwakarta

Purwakarta is about 98km from Pondok Gede. The trip took about 7-8hours with bycycle. Travelling along kalimalang via Karawang, until meet irrigation river called tb 1-5. At the end of river, curug bendung stnds beautifully.


Bendung Curug terletak di Desa Curug, Kecamatan Klari, Kabupaten Karawang, Jawa Barat. Latar belakang dibangunnya bendung Curug ini adalah untuk mengatasi beberapa permasalahan akibat dibangunnya bendungan Jatiluhur. Pembangunan bendungan Jatiluhurmemiliki 3 misi utama yaitu: untuk pemenuhan pengairan, air baku, dan untuk pembangkit tenaga listrik. Pembanguan PLTA mengharuskan tinggi jatuh 80 meter sehingga di hilir bendungan muka air dibuat serendah mungkin. Akibatnya untuk keperluan irigasi, air minum, serta penggelontoran dil dibutuhkan proses pemompaan. Untuk mengatasi permasalahan tersebut, maka dibangunlah bendung Curug. Di bendung Curug air dipompakan untuk daerah pengairan Tarum Barat dan Tarum Timur.

These are the routes from Bekasi to Purwakarta

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

cycling "around Indonesia" ep.1

Taman mini Indonesia Indah (tmii) is one of the largest vacation site that contain a lot about culture and some achievement of Indonesian.
With ticket less than a dollar, visitors can travel around enjoying the view that represent Indonesia.

First sketch is Keong Mas (golden snail). The early movie theatre in Indonesia that plays 3d movie. First time i went here in 1985. Now the building still at her best condition...need a little renovation of course :)

Second sketch is the gate of Museum Indonesia.

Trip today was closed with a nice lunch of pecel madiun around Office Post Museum. While listening sitar player plays javanese song.

"Warung Eva" , a nice pitstop for cyclist at gunung Geulis

Using a roadbike for uphill cycling is a tricky sport. Using lowest combination crank-sprocket of 34-36 is very challenging. With thin tyre that has lower "rolling resistance" plus light weight makes the trip fun except on offroad terrain.


Starts from Sentul circuit head to zero kilometer until Rainbow hills then turn right about 23 kilometers.
The restaurant not pretty big but comfortable and placed at location that still cold and start to down hill to go home.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bike Camping at Curug Ciherang, Bogor 7-8 February

Long holiday from 6-8 February has always been a good idea for long distance cycling. This time  Ciherang (place on alternative route to puncak pass) is chosen to be our site camp destination. The cold temperature and waterfalls are the main reasons.

enter from cibinong and citeureup market.

route home
We are about 11 cyclists climb up to location through citeureup, about 36km with up and down hill road variation. Up hill mostly of course. Our travel were more difficult since at some points  rain pouring down and the road was more slippery.
The road getting harder to pass  in the last 7kilometer. Cant ride the bike even the road is made of asphalt, since the road is too steep.

Photo courtesy from mr.didot

Very beautiful views along the trip, mostly hills, rice field, and garden. Preparation to prevent our body from dehydration is important because of the heat and insensible water loss  during cycling on the high ground.
Total trip about 17 hours. We were very lucky  to find a place for dinner at 8.00pm. For safety, bring some food.

Look at the road. Heartbreaking!


late dinner, thank God one small restaurant still open

still learn to built a tent with flysheet, looks terrible but  provide protection from heavy rain.
We arrive at 9.30 pm. Built a tent, take a shower, hang out to talk about our trip, then went to sleep.

photo by Denny Lukman
Some sketches are made on location. Mostly by pen and finished by watercolor and pencil.

morning breakfast with Jely Kelbulan from Papua (photo by mr. Didot)

The trip to site takes  about 17 hours. 59km. We took different path home via jonggol to Cibubur from 2.00 pm to 9.00 pm