Friday, June 17, 2011

4 days in Tarakan, east borneo, Indonesia

 my job, once again takes me to a trip to Tarakan, this time i go with a group of leadership training to be their health supervisor. The event was take place in Hotel Monaco and several places in Tarakan. From Nunukan we went by a speedboat about 2,5 hrs to Tarakan, then we stay there for 4 days.

some characters on the speedboat
 Sketching on a speeding boat is a challenge since the vibration and the minimum level of comfort. But the advantage is the objects are relatively steady so we can explore more from what we see. It definitely helps to sketch better.
some characters on the speedboat

the Motorist
 In the hotel many interesting objects to be explored.  Activities in the dining room and the interiors,  challenge sketchers ability to stretch lines as staight as possible. The practice in drawing a line really handy in this situation.

mr. Iwan and Mr. Hasan Basri having their lunch

one spot of the hotel's dining room
in the dining room

listening to live music
my Room (213)
 Before we go for academical observation we are welcomed by mayor that represented by his vice-mayor, followed a speech by officer from Nunukan that leads us to field observation in Tarakan.

listening to the welcome speech

a truck park while we doing the field observation.

last day activity before we went home at Bais Hills Tarakan
the electone player is playing for us

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