Thursday, January 26, 2012

a few days in Tanah Tidung and Tarakan

12 January 2012; my new job at RedLand entertainment a few days ago takes me to Tanah Tidung, a small town about 3 hours away by speedboat from Tarakan, east Borneo. Accompany one of a great artist of Indonesia, Fadly (vocalist of Padi Band).
In this post i was trying to sketch using a 2B pencil. Still trying to learn watercolor on canson sketchbook A4 which is i desperately need tutor in this section:)

enjoy this post...

the car that lended to us in Tanah Tidung

in front of our motel in Tanah Tidung

an Event Organizer crew in my room

on the speeding boat, leaving for Tarakan from Tanah Tidung. in this boat also present a patient with broken leg under intravenous line medication
with Fadly, the vocalist of Padi Band at Juwata airport Tarakan, east Borneo