Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bike Camping at Curug Ciherang, Bogor 7-8 February

Long holiday from 6-8 February has always been a good idea for long distance cycling. This time  Ciherang (place on alternative route to puncak pass) is chosen to be our site camp destination. The cold temperature and waterfalls are the main reasons.

enter from cibinong and citeureup market.

route home
We are about 11 cyclists climb up to location through citeureup, about 36km with up and down hill road variation. Up hill mostly of course. Our travel were more difficult since at some points  rain pouring down and the road was more slippery.
The road getting harder to pass  in the last 7kilometer. Cant ride the bike even the road is made of asphalt, since the road is too steep.

Photo courtesy from mr.didot

Very beautiful views along the trip, mostly hills, rice field, and garden. Preparation to prevent our body from dehydration is important because of the heat and insensible water loss  during cycling on the high ground.
Total trip about 17 hours. We were very lucky  to find a place for dinner at 8.00pm. For safety, bring some food.

Look at the road. Heartbreaking!


late dinner, thank God one small restaurant still open

still learn to built a tent with flysheet, looks terrible but  provide protection from heavy rain.
We arrive at 9.30 pm. Built a tent, take a shower, hang out to talk about our trip, then went to sleep.

photo by Denny Lukman
Some sketches are made on location. Mostly by pen and finished by watercolor and pencil.

morning breakfast with Jely Kelbulan from Papua (photo by mr. Didot)

The trip to site takes  about 17 hours. 59km. We took different path home via jonggol to Cibubur from 2.00 pm to 9.00 pm

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