Tuesday, May 10, 2016

warship KRI "351" at Nunukan Navy harbour

Holiday is best spending time with family. In a place such Nunukan island, not so many tourism site that can satisfy all citizen. Anyway, great moments ain't fall from the sky, but by creations. Choose the right companions, good and quite natural places, and if possible: match them with your hobbies and/or passion.

At first we went to Mamolo traditional market, as early as possible since the market only full operate until 7.30am. We live in Nunukan since 2008 but only this time we really enjoy breakfast in the market. From rice, crab, shrimps, and oysters are ready for breakfast.

Not so far from there we went to ecing beach. A small size beach line near Navy military base. Where oftenly transitted by warship that on duty guarding Indonesia's north coast.

I of course won't let this moment went away just like that. One fast sketch and watercoloring immediately done, french said plein air. A bit tricky since the ink was actually not the waterresist type. But overall it was just fine

Not enough, kids want to swim. Now i got chance to taught them how to float on sea :). They just love it...

This picnic were supported by my favorite classic car...

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