Sunday, December 25, 2011

tour of duty_ Jakarta

4 December, i was assigned to attend a technical meeting that related to hospital management. 3 days of meeting plus 1 written test is very exhausting. There's not many sketchwork during this period even though about two times spare time gathering with people from Indonesia's Sketchers; with Atit Dwi Indarti, Toni Malakian, Azwan, Kris Wardana, and Igna in the first opportunity and with Tony Malakian, Yoso Bayudono, Pakcik Ahmad in the second one.

Here is the sketch report:)

leaving Tarakan with Lion Air_ a bit bumpy that affect the result:)
situation in the technical meeting

after meeting, Atit invite me to sketch around Cikini. This is my first time to sketch in a relatively dark situation..not quiet  easy i suppose since the observation to detail is limited:)
a night music performance at tan ek tjoan rooftop on Cikini Street
after 2 days of meeting, some of my friend from Indonesia's sketchers invite me to sketch together
an indie music performance at Taman Ismail Marjuki

 3 days of meeting plus one final test really makes me hungry for sketching. PakCik Ahmad invite me, Toni Malakian and Yoso Bayudono to sketch around Hotel Indonesia after his work hour.

mobile cafe around Hotel Indonesia
pakcik Ahmad in action

Hyatt Hotel

Welcome statue

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