Saturday, December 24, 2011

tour of duty_ Sukabumi-Jakarta

20 November, i was assigned to go to Sukabumi for a duty related to hospital management and marketting. It was, for me, another sketch tour to practice is waiting:) mostly here are human theme still a very challenging object, subjective but simple. More simple than sketching a building or architectural theme that takes time which is i don't have that luxury. But, in some occasion architectural theme, mechanical stuff still a very tempting objects to sketch.
The route of our journey (there were 4 of us leaving from Nunukan) is Nunukan- Tarakan- Jakarta- Sukabumi- Jakarta- Tarakan- Nunukan.

another passenger in Juata airport, Tarakan

Our Hospital Director, dr. Marwan

a passenger waiting for his next flight

while in modjok cafe watching final soccer game Indonesia vs Malaysia

at inul vista (house of karaoke)

satay padang time, straight 2 portion after arrive back from sukabumi

living room of where i spend my teenager time

meet mr. Freddy sofyan (senior artist)

leaving for Tarakan, in Express taxi [above]; in the gate A2 Soekarno Hatta airport [bottom]
in Lion air which takes me back to Tarakan

after breakfast at Harmonis hotel, before back home