Wednesday, July 25, 2012

watercolor a suicide art tool:D

this month, is a very hectic month.. visited by a hospital supervision team from Jakarta. Asking so many question about our progress to get certificate of services. I sketch one of supervisor, dr. Etty Sumiyati after examination at my section completed.

next several days, after observing many watercolor work from many advance artists, i try to learn it using George Clooney picture. I always say watercolor is a suicide art tool since its very hard to control, and oftenly worsen a nice sketch.


 simple correction comments are very much welcome:)


perduliar said...

dari kerutan di lingkar mata dan senyum udh ketahuan George Clooney nya kok, pak dok. Kalau susah melukis karakter orang, melukis tema pemandangan sedikit lebih mudah (IMHO). Ditunggu karya2 selanjutnya :)

senoaji wijanarko said...

hehehe sip...eksplorasi cat air memang asik. masih terus dipelajari mbak.trims sudah mampir.