Wednesday, August 1, 2012

my special customized bike

starts from the idea "bike-to-work" while serving my patient in the evening, i choose the cheapest full-suspension bike of P*lyg*n, a name of our proud local product in Indonesia. after a few weeks, a friend of mine from bicycle club takes me to a very extreem track a few times that gives me enough consideration to realize that i choose the wrong bike:D

then, many changes was made.. step-by-step from 120mm travel fork, disc brake system, rims, tyres, rear dreaillure, 9 speed sprocket, handle bar, and shifter cost me the price of the bike:)) and a lot of priceless satisfaction and fun since i've done the modification mostly by myself:)

#drawing pen 0.1mm on yellowish canson A4 finished by watercolor

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