Sunday, September 23, 2012

3days in Sebuku, Sembakung, and Tulin onsoi Districts

audiences of HIV/AIDS presentation in Sembakung district
Once again my connection from city Health Center takes  me to (I was assume) 3 remote areas of Nunukan which are: Sebuku, Sembakung, and Tulin Onsoi districts to share by presentation about HIV/ AIDS and the danger of narcotics drugs for students and productive ages.
HIV/ AIDS presentation in Lumbis district
We went there about 3 hours by small speed boat of 75 PK it was 6 person on board including the motorist. It was long and dangerous journey since the river is wide and deep, also a lot of wood chops floating on the river that we must avoid for the danger of collision. After arriving on Sebuku harbor, we went to Sembakung district in 1hour land travel to do our first presentation.
Sanur public health center Ambulance
Many questions about HIV/AIDS came from high school students, their enthusiasm makes this duty easier, as we know most our HIV patients came from this productive age from 20-40 years old. This fact is very harmful for this Nation's future….any nations. The presentation mostly about how we treat HIV/AIDS patients socially among us. Nowadays HIV/AIDS must not consider as a frightening disease as long as public now what is HIV/AIDS and how to treat the patient together due to better life quality.
HIV is a virus that cause immunodeficiency in Human. It spreads thru human liquid such as blood, sperm/vaginal discharge, brain liquid, and saliva. It takes 3-6 month to be seen as positive result since the first contact. This called “window period”, a periode that mostly refer to negative results but the patient still can spread the virus by unsave sex (not using condom or free sex), transfusion, etc..
After 5-10 years later, many diseases that manifest as the result of the destroy of immune system starts to weaken the patients (syndrome) and this condition called AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) until death comes.
a few characters of audiences including Chief of Tulin Onsoi District
HIV/AIDS not infected by shaking hands, kissing, cough, work together, using the same pool or toilets, and mosquitos bite. And with proper education about HIV/AIDS thru media and health center, we can help ourselves to avoid the disease and help the patient with HIV/AIDS to live better.
Nowadays there’s a treatment to limit the progress of the virus called ARV (antiretroviral) and a complete educative center VCT (voluntary counseling and testing) to provide consultation, future planning, and Patient-approval-testing-based to make patient as comfortable as possible to carry on his/her life betterly

a small part of road from Sebuku to Sembakung
too far from Samarinda :))
sei sembakung bridge in Lumbis


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