Monday, September 10, 2012

a (sudden) trip to bali

09 august, i was ordered to go to Bali by director in order to attend a seminar about hospital development. For me it's another additional sketch travel for my collection:). The seminar was take place at Hotel Mercure Kuta, Bali from 10-12 August 2012 about new paradigma of how a hospital must be in the future. A hospital with more orientation to the comfort of the patient through many additional way of services that takes cooperation from many units in the hospital.

on the speeding boat


in the hotel Room
dining room

Ngurah Rai Airport

with an old friend from the same university, dr. Roy

Kuta at night

with Gde Ada

the travel starts by speedboat leaving from Nunukan about 2 hours to Tarakan. Not a convenient one especially for sketchers:))...very bumpy in the middle of the sea. But, for practice it's difficulty is very challenging.

arrive in Tarakan about 10 am, we went to airport and wait for our next flight by Lion Air at 02.30 pm. A bit chance to take a small nap at the airport and on the plane (about 2 hours to Surabaya) since it was very exhausting take a speedboat to travel.

we leave Surabaya for Kuta, Bali about 5.35 pm it takes about 1.5 hour to get there, arrive at the hotel about 8.45 pm over the traffic jam and late for the opening:)

It was Romadhon while the travel take place, so i was not visit many places at the time unless the place that i really want to go to: the location of garuda wisnu kencana...i was a little dissapointed there since the place seems not well organized after local government took over the management from a private company. I really hope this place will be much better next time i go here.

In Bali i've met one of my old best friend, Gde Ada, which i see him now more big than the last time i saw him and of course he still a positive man:) i admire him for this.. I formerly live in Denpasar in 1995 and he was my classmate.

see ya on the next sketch!!

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