Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Buy the Cow, not The rope"

This expression maybe seems to be unfamiliar for some people, but for about twenty five million of Indonesian people this  expression has been painting their heart, very important. One simple expression that frequently forgotten, accidentally i suppose. Ok, it doesn't matter who are  they, more important is how this expreesion is understood by the rest of Indonesian People. Since for me it's very important in order to form better Indonesia.

Precisely a few week ago, many change of top government leader in Nunukan affected a few discrepancy, disappointment, and and of course policy changing. It was affect me too in sort of way, a big deal one! Thinking that our hard work was appreciated unvalueably. this unfairness (not mentioned) was killing me for weeks. What a situation...

One day one wise guy said to me that in this world to live we need to know the reason is (later the reasons are). then come this expression :
"Buy the Cow, not The rope"

the purpose of all living/unliving, seen or unseen things in the world is to noble Alloh's name. It seems that I'm talking about how moslem should do to live his/her life every day until dead, no i'm not it's for all mankind. 
Anyway, the valueable advice was "not heard", in from left ear, out from right:) "what a ridiculous advice!" right advice in the wrong place and time (in my heart i was say: your time sucks, sir!)

satu tempat di sekitar desa sanafi Gebe (K800i cybershot panoramic-auto mode)

a week has passed and of course i nearly forget that valueable advice until one of my ENT collegue said something inspiring one last night: " be downearthed! ". Bang!!! She's totally correct! I'm I chasing something important all along this year, well of course they're important but is it important enough? I dont think so. In fact, if I think carefully they're not at all..since i'm not put my efforts on the right purpose(s). then what happened? the efforts are bias. 

Now i know my fault. I hope lesser mistakes in the future. with the purpose our action will be well directed, well measured, and no matter what the result is (done well or destroyed) You will not dissapoint enough to kill yourself

Home, January 28, 2010

jalan ke arah tambang nikel gebe (k800i cybershot panoramic-night mode)

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